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Horry County Schools

How did you gain so much interest and participation in your technology fair? I worked with our various cabinets within our district (parent, teacher and business) to share information about the technology fair and the purpose for the fair.

Did the students work on the projects during class or were they completed independently at home? Some of both. Some classes are technology based which allows students to enter the work they are doing in class as the project. Others were done in after-school technology clubs and some were student projects they did as part of a regular class assignment (done at home) but the technology component allowed the project to be eligible for the technology fair.

How did students come up with ideas? Many of the ideas at the elementary level were started by teachers providing them information about the topics and allowing students to brain storm how and what they could do. Others were from students who attended the fair last year and came up with the ideas on their own.

Did you have any training sessions for them? No.

We are interested in showcasing technology in our district and looking for great, innovative ways to do – like yours! Thank you….we were very pleased with the turn out last year and this year. It gets bigger and bigger each year. I will be happy to talk with you if you need any further information.

Ashley Gasperson
Digital Communications Coordinator
Horry County Schools

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