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ITES K-5 Strands-Common Assessments

1. Sources of Information
Which Resource to Use? quiz

2. Informational Text

3. Technology as a Tool

4. Research Process (must be assessed as part of authentic research process, assessment cannot be done in isolation)

Introduction of who, what, where, why, and how and have questions-use visuals
Quick whole group identification of a question
Show them pictures
Show a statement and a question and ask student s to decide which one is a question.
Give the students a topic and have them come up with the questions for .
Assessment more focused on question vs. statement and ideas relevant to topics.

First grade
Super 3: Plan, Do, Review
Know the steps: For example give students a card with each of the steps on it. Show the students a part of the process and have them determine which step it is.

Second Grade
Teach and complete a research process with 2nd graders. For evaluation think pair share to determine what we did for each step or use a basic/easy rubric for 2nd grade.

Third to Fifth Grade
Complete process for research
Self-evaluation and or rubric or both completed after research process.

5. Safety and Ethical Issues